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Pulsar 3+ - wie, warum und weshalb - hier wird geholfen!
Hi Folks,

maybe a "stupid" beginner's question: In the moment I am switching "off" the Puilsar 3+ by just "switching off" the Chargery power supply.

Question: Is there a "safe" or "recommended" procedure to switch the Pulsar 3+ off? Or something to keep in mind?`


Hello Colmar,

no, switching off the power supply is OK.

But what I can advise against is the use of Chargery (and E-Fuel) power supplies. Both have grotty voltage stabilisation and are not suitable for Pulsar using. They can even damage the Pulsar through overvoltage peaks.

Best regards

pp-rc Modellbau
Ah thx for the advise :D .

Seems also time for a new power supply then...

Not 100% sure what grotty is but sounds...NOT good at all :shock: .

Putted all my money in the P3+ :P . Any hints for a good and "safe" new power supply w/o the need to be an electrician to connect the the wall plug please?

Power requirement is not hudge as I am charging only 6s.